Birds of a Feather

Written by: The Au Brothers

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If you liked our first recording, “The Au Brothers Take Off“, you will absolutely love our new one! It features a slate of new originals, as well as a few trad jazz favorites doctored up in the Au Brothers fashion, including:

  • Nagasaki – everyone’s favorite B.S. song about Japan!
  • Tick-Tock – will have you dancing away the hours!
  • The Wise Old Owl – cuz why not let a bird guide your love life? The #1 and #2 ranked song of the 1941 Hit Parade!
  • Soignée – a tribute to the great Sidney Bechet!
  • Undecided – complete with the verse you’ve never heard before, since we made it up!
  • Extra Gravy – the blueist, sauciest, fat-drippingest song you’ve never heard!
  • Canary Islands Rag – jazz meets calypso!

There’s a little something for everyone including swing (and balboa and blues) dancers, jazz newbies, and veteran jazz fans. To go along with the bird theme the album also features artwork by the wonderful Melissa Pagluica and the multi-talented Molly Reeves, with lettering and other assistance by Brandon Au! The artwork is specifically commissioned for and inspired by the album.


Album Co-producer:

Elaine Pesce

Patron of the Arts:

William Au

Song Sponsors:

Nizam & Missy Gulamhussein – Undecided

William & Chris Chiong – Soignée

Bill Hoffman – Paradise Stomp

Donna & Chloe Feoranzo – Extra Gravy


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